How to Reset Echo Dot in 2 Minutes?

Alexa is the hottest topic that is raving the internet right now. Everyone has started to use the device in their home, assisting them to make life easier. While both Amazon Alexa Echo and Dot are great pieces – they might still have problems and hiccups.

There are two reasons why you have to reset echo dot and reset Alexa echo dot. You might be experiencing difficulties with it or you just want to sell it to someone. If you are having problems, you need to unplug the device from the socket and wait for some time and plug back to the socket.

You can either manual reset or do it through the Alexa setup app on your smartphone.

reset echo dot

Reset Echo Dot 1st and 2nd Generation Manually

Locate the reset button and press and hold the button inside the hole with a sharp object like a pen or paper clip until the light turning orange. Now release the button and wait for the light to power off and on again. You will now see the orange light coming back which shows that the device is now in setup mode. Now open the Alexa app then connect it to Wi-Fi. Now register the device to your Amazon account.

Reset Echo Dot 3rd Generation Manually

If you are using the second-gen Amazon Echo then hold the microphone button and volume down button for a few seconds until you see the orange light turning on and then wait for the blue light to come. Release the button and wait for the light to on and off again and the Echo Dot setup mode will appear. Alexa app is available for;

  • Alexa app for Android
  • Amazon Alexa app for windows
  • Alexa app for PC
  • Amazon Alexa app for Mac

Open the Alexa app and connect it to Wi-Fi and register the device.

how to reset echo dot

How to Reset using the Alexa app?

For Amazon Echo, download Alexa App from their respective store and open the Alexa app. Now press the menu button (…) and click the “Setting” option. If you see more than one device connected, choose the one which you want to reset. Scroll down and check for the details showing the gadget registered to and tap the “Deregister” option. You will see a window asking you to confirm, now tap “Deregister” again in order to complete.

The device is not reset. To begin the process, hold the Action button for a few seconds until you see the orange light turning on. Lastly, open the app from your device, connect to Wi-Di and get it registered to the account.