How to Connect Echo to WiFi?

Amazon Echo is a range of smart speakers that support the Amazon virtual assistant Alexa. This smart speaker listens to a user, looking if the user is calling it. The speaker wakes up when the user mentions ‘Alexa’ or any name the user has set for it. The Alexa understands and responds in many native languages

The Echo allows you to give instructions to Alexa, play background music, set alarms and reminders, take down a to-do list, controls other smart devices connected to it through the Alexa app. It can help you study by broadcasting podcasts, reading audiobooks.

connect echo to wifi

In addition, it can als0 give you real-time information like news, time, traffic, weather, etc..The Echo can get things done with just a voice command. All you need is to connect your echo to your home WiFi.

Instruction to connect Echo to Wifi.

  • Connect your Echo device to a power plug. Now the echo will light up to indicate its powered on.
  • Download Alexa app from the play store or the app store based on your device. Alexa app can be downloaded for free.
  • Now go to Alexa login and enter your Id and password to log in. If you are a new user, then set up your account.
  • After you have logged in, go to settings in the navigation panel on the left side of the screen.
  • It will display a list of options. In that select set up a new device. The Amazon Alexa app will be ready to connect to the Echo.
  • Press and hold the Action button on the Echo speaker. The light will eventually turn orange in colour. Your speaker will now connect to the tab or phone in which the Alexa app is downloaded.
  • Once connected successfully, the Alexa dot app will scan for all the available Wifi network in range of connection. Rescan if you did not find the intended network.
  • Now, choose the network you want to connect to and enter the password. If you haven’t personalised your network id and password, the default network id and passwords will be available on the wifi modem. If you have personalised your id and password, but forgot it, press the reset button on the modem. Now the id and password will be reset to the default id and password.
  • Press connect. Now the Echo is connected to the Wifi. the echo performs quite well with moderate network connectivity thus avoiding any lags.


Once connected to the WiFi, You have a new friend, Alexa. You can relax with soft music with a voice command. You can ask Alexa for mathematical answers while you are helping your kids with their homework. And it can assist in many more ways.

All you have to do is sit on the couch or lay on it and just command. The Echo is a smart device that controls other smart devices. This Internet of things is the emerging technology. It has the power to change the future.