How to Set Up Alexa Guard on an Amazon Echo Dot?

Alexa Guard is a new Alexa feature by Amazon known as Alexa Guard that enables your Echo device to listen for any important signs of an emergency.  You might have already known about is cool features but did you know the assistance can also let you know the potential break-ins or fire? While this might not be a substitute for your security system, the device can help you keep the hone safe when you are not around.

You could spend a fortune for a smart home security system or just use the Echo Device which you already own.

Alexa Guard Setup


What is Alexa Guard?

Well, it’s a feature on Echo devices that functions as a security system to your home when you are not around. It can listen for minute sounds that specify something risky in your home, and also alert you to tell you what is hears. It’s like a tattletale that looks out for smoke detectors, breaking glass, etc. if the device heard anything then it will notify you by sending you a ten-second clip of the sound. You can download the Alexa setup from

Who can use this feature?

This feature will be releasing in the US. If you have the latest version, then the feature might also be available to you as long as you have at least one device that is compatible.

How to set up Alexa Guard?

To set up Alexa guard all you have to do is just

  • Open the app, also update if needed.
  • You will see a menu button on the upper left corner (…) and choose it.
  • Now click > Settings
  • Now scroll down to the section “Alexa Preference” Click > Guard
  • You will see an introduction screen. Now click > Set up guard
  • You will now see a series of option to enable the feature which includes.

Alexa Guard

Smoke and Co Alarms

If the feature includes these, you can listen for beep alerts. And send you a text so you can figure out the sound.

Glass Breaking

The Guard can also listen for the sound of glass breaking, the device is programmed to figure out the various breaking glass sounds. If you wish to alert about this, then include that as well.

Away Lighting

If the lights are connected, then the device might ask you if you want to enable the lighting away, which turns the lights in a natural way so it looks like people are around. If you don’t have the smart lights connected then you will not see this option.

Now you will be asked to confirm the setup. When done, you will see the Guard home screen. Now go to Settings > include more capabilities like location details, additional lights and adding a security system.

Now when you are leaving the home, just tell “Alexa I’m leaving” and the Guard feature will be enabled. When you get home tell, “Alexa, I’m home” and the guard will be disabled.

Ask Alexa for Symptoms for COVID-19

If you are worried about the Coronavirus, you might also ask Alexa. Ask to find the risk level and other questions related to the pandemic.

You can also ask for symptoms and series questions. That can help you analyze whether it is likely you have been exposed to it.